List of Low Thyroid Symptoms

List of Low Thyroid Symptoms

This long list is meant to help you in recognizing that you probably are not associating all of your ailments with your low thyroid function. Keep count as you read through this list and see how many symptoms you have.

* Frequent Headaches
* Weight Gain
* Loss of Appetite
* Hair Loss
* Brittle Nails
* Dry Hair
* Dry Skin
* Fatigue
* Extreme sleepiness
* Irritability
* Extremely sensitive to cold
* Extremely sensitive to heat
* Cold hands & feet
* Low Body Temperature
* Loss of sex drive
* Weakness
* Irregular menstrual cycle (anything abnormal for you personally) shorter, longer, heavier….
* Depression
* Feeling tired, run down, & sluggish
* Thinning eye brows (typically on outer portion)
* Forgetfulness
* Vertigo (extreme dizziness now and then)
* At times light-headed
* Hear ringing in ears
* Aches in muscles and joints
* Feelings of sadness
* Feelings of worthlessness
* Puffiness around eyes
* Snoring
* Recurrent sinus infections
* Trouble sleeping
* Difficulty staying focused
* Loss of interest in the activities you love
* Sensitivity to sudden or loud noises
* Shortness of breath or Feeling Out of Breath
* Tight feeling in chest area
* High Blood Pressure
* Elevated Cholesterol

If you have problems with low thyroid function you will be most likely experiencing more than a few of those symptoms on a regular basis.

That’s the reason you should start at once doing everything you possibly can to help support your thyroid and make your low thyroid function again.

I realize this is quite a long list. This doesn’t suggest that you’re going to experience every symptom every day.

The vast majority of information you come across on low thyroid symptoms is not going to give you an entire list. This could possibly be because not all people with low thyroid function will have some of these symptoms. However, I have personally battled everything on this list, a few more frequent than others, therefore I wanted to provide you with the extensive list.

Taking the path of using natural supplements that are exclusively prepared for your thyroid, along with a proper low thyroid diet is one of the best steps you can take to be headed in the right direction with your health.¬† You’ll be feeling so much better in no time at all and be wishing you had found this sooner.

You’ll begin to feel more like yourself once again and start to see your symptoms begin to vanish.

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